As chiropractors, we are extensively trained to palpate the joints of the body to determine which joints are not functioning or moving properly.  A joint that is found to be “restricted” or “subluxated,” means it is not moving properly.  This lack of motion can cause nerve irritation, muscle tension, discomfort and arthritis.  It is the principle goal of chiropractors to restore lost joint motion using a variety of hands on techniques.

Chiropractors utilize manipulation and mobilization techniques.  Mobilization is the movement of joints to their end range.  Manipulation is bringing a joint just past normal end range with a precise, short, quick thrust at a specific angle, potentially producing a “popping” or “cracking” sound.  This sound is the release of gas from within the joint capsule.  These techniques help restore proper joint motion by releasing deep scar tissue and adhesions.  Many individuals feel less pain, increased range of motion, decreased muscle spasm and improved coordination once the techniques have been performed