Over the extended time our patients are in pain, deconditioning of the spinal stabilizers and compensation from other muscle groups occur.  Therefore, when the pain has remised and is under control, healing is not complete.  It is necessary to rehabilitate the structures that support the disc in order to maintain the pain relief.  During the treatments, your doctor will prescribe a rehabilitation program to fully heal the disc and keep the pain from returning.  We must address all issues that contributed to your initial lower back pain, which is a decrease in spinal flexibility and poor muscular control.  We will give you simple and pain free activities that allow you to monitor and control spinal motion and reclaim proper movement patterns.  We cannot overemphasis the importance of home rehabilitation as this is the key for continued success.   The whole body is a unit that works together and in this stage, we must have nutritional and lifestyle changes to prevent further flare ups.

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